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Thread: 2.5 weeks in...

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    2.5 weeks in...

    *Ok, 2.5 weeks into my Eq/Winny cycle. Yes, "Where's the test?" I know. Anyways, I know I shouldn't notice anything until week 3-4 but DAMN! I can't stop eating! I'm always hungry! I've gained four pounds in as many days. Also feels like the slight gyno I had from puberty is feeling firmer. I dunno, could be in my head. It's not extra sensitive or anything. Also, had god's own deltoid workout today. I'm sure some of this might just be in my head but who knows.

    Also, I have to switch from TT Eq to PVL for my next shot. shouldn't matter should it?

    It would be interesting to see a *clinical* study where a group was given placebo roids. I wonder if they'de gain more muscle just from thinking they were on, therefor training harder, etc.


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    No it will not matter switching brands...... You will notice gains/hunger from the EQ around week 7, the winny I usually feel around weekk 3 or 4.

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    that combo should really harden you up and bring our nice vascularity. enjoy it

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    I usually feel winny within a week and a half so there is no reason to feel this is all a placebo effect.

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