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    Question I Need you Guys... Please!!! My DR said I can go back to the GYM... So HELP!!!!!!!!

    Hello All...!!!
    Please Help me out Guys... I have come to respect your Opinion a Great Deal... So Please Help me out here...!!! First off I just want to say that I did my Best to Research this out But I have become Inundated and Over-Whelmed with with a Plethora of Random But Very educational Info... None the less I wish to ask for My Self...

    Here is my Situation... I am a Ex-Powerlifer (88-93)... Zero Juice... I am now 31 (Will be 32 sept 17th)... I am 5'9'' / 5'10'' @ 299lb (Morning Weight with no Cloths... Imagine that if you )... Three Years ago I was in 2 Accidents 1st was a Car Accident (Ruptured My L5 or T5 ( I forgot what it is called ) Disk... Along with that I F**ked up my Sciatica and Ripped my Left Calf... THEN 3 days after the Car Accident I was in a 4 Wheeler ( It was a Honda Rubicon) Accident... I was Motor X'ing - Mudding -Jumping Shit like that... Well Anyways.. I flipped the the Bike doing about 45mp and I F**ked Up another Disk (Somewhere in the middle of my back) and the Bike landed on My Right Calf this time... Even after that I still road for about another Hour... lol... (My Tolerance for Paine is Very Very High)...

    Anyways... Needless to say after that I was done... Over the 3 Years I Gained 80 to 90lbs... I blew up to 320lbs at my worst... Now I can go back to the Gym Per My Dr... So my question to you all is this :

    ""What is the Best OTC Fat Burners"" and ""What is the Best NON-OTC to take for Fat Burning ie; T-3 / Clen, ect""...????
    I am asking because I have been out of the seen for the most part since 93' but mainly out of it since the Accidents... There is just too much Shit on the Market to day and being that I do not have any Hard Connections to the "Goods" I need to look at the OTC right now... A few of you Guys have Hooked me up with a Few Connections over the Past Few months that I have been a member... But i do not want to bother them with Trivial Requests like Fat Burners... I hope I can fine someone here locally for that... But if need be I may go the Connections that you all have given to me... BTW... I have NEVER Released them to anyone.... NEVER!!!

    However I do have a Few friends that have Hooked Me Up with OTC Burners... But like I said I want to know what Ones are the ""Best""... I may get them for Free but that does not mean I want to put them in my Body...!!!

    This is what I have (OTC) :

    S.A.N. = Thyro-Cuts II ( I was told this is like a T-3 )
    Met_Rx = H2O-FX ( I think that is for Water Weight)
    Met_Rx = ThermiCore-CRT
    EAS = Phen-Free
    BoiTest = MD6 ( I do not think they make that any more)
    Advocare = Catalyst
    SciFit = TriCuts II ( I do not have this.. I seen it on the Web)

    What would you Recommend...?? Something from the Above List or Something Else...???

    I found these on some of the Threads... Please help me out with these are these OTC or NON-OTC :
    1st = LR or RK liquidex ( Is this a Fat Burner??)
    2nd = NYC
    3rd = Clen /Ket Mix ( What is Ket??)
    4th = SynTrax AdipoKinetix / Lipokinetix ( Is this still around?? )

    Are these OTC or NON-OTC :

    1st = Clen ( I was told you can Buy this OTC )
    2nd = DNP
    3rd = T-3

    Right Now I am on the Atkins Diet... I am doing almost -0- Carbs Per Day... Every once and a while I will have Broccoli or a Chicken Cesar Salad.. Maybe Onions in my Tuna... But that is it..!! I have just started this about 3 or 4 weeks ago and so far I have lost 18lbs...I know it is Water Weight but now comes the Fat Burning... However... I did cheat a few weeks ago when I went to NY to see Iron Maiden... I could not help myself from having a Real NY HotDog ( I am from Ft Laud FL)... So for the rest of that week I F**ked Up the Diet... But now I am back on Track!!!!

    I have yet to start any Exercise Routine... I am looking into some New GYM's in my Area so that is next...

    Anyways... I know this was kind of Winded because my Fingers are killing But PLEASE Help Me Out ... It has been 10 years since I was in the Game... I need your Advice and Education and most importantly... Your INSPIRATION...!!!!

    In Advance Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good to hear you're attempting to get back into the game. As for your questions: I haven't tried many of the otc fat burners on your list, just therma core a few years ago, i thought it was pretty good but i also thought they discontinued it. How about just a simple nyc or eca stack? Liquidex is not a fat burner, it is an estrogen blocker that helps reduce bloat. NYC is just like an eca stack, it stands for, norephedrine, yohimbine, and caffeine. Clen and T3 can be bought through research companies on the internet. I hope i answered the majority of your questions, good luck.

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    Thanks for the Info NJ... I Tryed the Stacker 2 today... I had 2 Caps... I felt ZIP...!! And the Research goes on... Thanks again...

    Any One Else.... Please... Any and All Impute will be Greatly Appreciated... I Hold this Boards Opinions in the Highest Regards...!!! Thank You...


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    AnyOne...?????????? Please..!!!!


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