Hey all, a doctor friend of mine told me that he would like to try steroids but wanted someone to try them with and asked me. I am 33 and he is 51. All i have ever done is Cyp and Prop (androgel 2 packs a day). He prescribed the cyp/prop/gh for me. He asked where i learned about hrt and steroids and i told hime about AR. He asked me what i think we should do based on what i have learned.

I have had fantastic results with the androgel, which i originaly thought was a joke, i dont have any bloating like i did on cyp and i look very hard and vascular.

I told him that we should try this:

Prop - 300mg/week for 26 weeks with a 2 week break at 12 weeks.
HCG at 2500iu?/day for 3 days then 1000iu?/for the remainder during the two week break
GH - 4 to 6 iu/day for 6 months in a morning mid afternoon split.
Adex on hand
Hcg and nolva for post cycle.

He said that he tried the androgel and that it made his hair fall out and was wondering if there was something else we could try. I told him that i would post and ask.

So what do you guys think? I only have experience with test and have only read a little about other's mainly because i will only do stuff that is legal and prescribed.

Could you give me our opinions on a good stack for us? I have heard great things about fina and primo. Neither one of us want to do slin with gh so an oral that would raise igf-1 would be great.

His goals are too have gained 10 lbs of quality muscle after post cycle therapy and with minimal hairloss. I cant wait to show him what this board is capable of.

BTW, i started 4 iu of gh today and have been on androgel for 4 weeks. Does anyone have experience or know a good pharmacy to fill a gh script? My local one is CRAZY expensive...$300 for 15 iu!!

Thanks tons