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    ? About gear brewed @ home

    This is my problem, I have been making fina for over two years and never had had a problem till now. I was making it for a friend and he wanted it ASAP, so he came over just as I was finishing up. I took his tren out of the oven right as he came over. the bottle was 250 degrees so like an idiot I put it in a pan of luke warm water. Of course the vial started craking and my fina stated to oxidize or something becase of the air hitting it. I had to put it in a glass jar not steralized. My question is can i put the fina in an old liquid clomid vial if I steralized it with alcahol and do the same steps as stealizing fina? THanks.

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    I would buy a sterile vial and use a sterile filter to filter it into the vial.

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    Yup, sterile vile for sure.

    If you choose not to, atleast bake the old vile.

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