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    drug strength and for how long traces remain.

    I'm a newbie here and anyway, what I.'d like to know is;

    Once u've stopped taking a steroid , the gains will start to go and;
    Is there any paralell whatso-ever between how quickly u lose the gains and how quickly u can pass a drug test(I.O.C).

    E.g; Steroid "x", monster strength gains, then come off it, still
    get some good training results for another month and holding on to some of the strength gains, but failed to pass
    drug test 3 weaks after stopped taking them.

    Basically I want to know if the performance "crash" in some drugs can happen AFTER you can succesfully pass a drug test.
    I've never taken anabolics before so I'd appreciate any feedback to this question.

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    rather than come straight onto the board with a question like that - do a little research on detection times and half lives.

    Now if you are an IOC tested athlete then you need to be looking at short acting esters. Depending on your event you will want to avoid certain drugs. For instance if you are a fighter of some form then Dianabol won't be that good on a long course as you will have rapid weight gain.

    Personally I would stick to testosterone based substances. Look at my signature for reliable detection times.

    The detection time does not correspond with the period in which we lose gains. All drugs are different. In fairness, the first cycle you do will help you to keep a lot of the gains - it's the subsequant cycles that you will lose more from.

    I would think that you will keep your gains for about 3-6 months but then you may never lose them. Everyone is different.

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    Also, don't forget t/e levels (do the research on that term!) The IOC allow for a level of 6:1 although the average human has a level of 1:1. Okay thats 6 parts testosterone to one part epitestosterone.

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