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    icn galenkas /something weird

    been running 750mg of icn test for 5 1/2 weeks and only up 4.5 lbs strength is enormous and look bigger but nor really making gains made previous with icns.......eating clean and alot 4,500 anyone else have this problem with icns

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    Might have lost some fat.

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    Noticing the same thing with my ICN's. What lot # is yours?

    I'm not on my typical bulking diet... but i've gained like 5lbs over 6 or 7 weeks now.

    Strength going up about 5-10lbs every 2 weeks or so- and i definitely look bigger... but the scale hasnt shot up.

    I figured even with lowish carbs it would but it hasnt. I'm still taking 300gms of protein ED.

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