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    mid cycle question

    i'm in the fourth week of my cycle and this mite seem stupid but i couldn't find the answer in any other forum. my cycle is like this
    week 1,2
    omnadren 250, 250ml
    deca 300, 300ml
    week 3-10
    omnadren 250, 500ml
    and deca stays the same
    i have clomid and nolv
    My question is like this last week i shot the omnadren on monday but only 250ml, and on friday i shot the other 250 along with the deca together, should i shoot all 500ml of omnadren on monday or keep it split up mon and fri?
    thanks for your help

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    Keep splitting the omnadren dosages...

    Btw thats alot of ml´s you put in your body

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