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Thread: anavar

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    what do u think about anavar do u keep the gains after u stop use?
    also what do u think would be the best to take to keep gains after u stop?

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    Don't know much about anavar , but I know a lot of guys here do. If you search, you will find your answers pretty easily.


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    I LOVE ANAVAR .......although its expensive I really want it incorparated in every cycle.........The stregnth gains are very keepable.....In general the gains r keepable..........Ive used clomid therapy post cycle every time and havent lost really anything......The only thing i loose is that bloat look but that from all the other shit, (test,decca,)
    The thing is though I train just as hard, and diet just as much when IM of as when im on....SO if u really dedicate ur self ur straight.......
    And trust me once u try anavar, u will be ADDICTED....
    GOOD luck.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmafighter18
    also what do u think would be the best to take to keep gains after u stop?
    Upon doing some research on cycling aas, you will discover that most of the gains are keepable with the proper post-cycle therapy.

    Type clomid, post-cycle therapy, nolvadex , and coming-off in AR's search engine and see what comes up. I bet it generates tons of valuable articles that will help answer your questions.

    Good Luck,

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    I've cycled ox with great results. Had awesome strength gains by the end of the first wk. I would love to use it in every cycle, but its so damn expensive.

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    Costs too much for me. The price may be coming down though in future years, so maybe then I'll get to try it.

    Get BTG or SPA. Although I don't think SPA is being made anymore, but I could be wrong...

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