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    Future Insulin User

    I've been and will continue reading, studying, memorizing, etc. everything and anything I can find on insulin . I just want to ask some questions.

    1) Whats the feeling on cycling insulin?
    2) Is Humalog only available by prescription?
    3) I'm sure this is the MOST annoying question with insulin, but Im askin anyways, how do I avoid fat gain while taking insulin? BY just cutting out PostWorkout fats?
    4) Is it still effective if I ONLY take it post workout? Whats the benefit of taking it throughout the day, to me it seems like this is when gaining fat would occur???

    Thanks for your help bro's!

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    1. don't understand the question
    2.Yes only by prescription unless you order from an online Canadian Pharmacy
    3.Use only post work out, Keep diet in check stay away from fatty foods especially before and after injection
    4.I am using only post workout with Creatine and Glutamine which is very effective. You can use it in the mornings also when your body is depleted both of these ways will keep the fat down especially if you keep the iu's down.

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