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    Is There Any Need??

    Is there any need to use hcg in the middle of a 12 week cycle; if so, how much and when?

    500 sus wk1-12
    400 Deca wk1-8
    225 Tren wk9-14

    hcg 500 i.u's a day for 5 days wk15 & 16

    how much clomid is also needed along with hcg post cycle, if any?

    Should I do cutting phase before post therapy or is it possible to do ("winny" 50mg ed & 30mg ed Anavar ) for 3 weeks after post cycle therapy ?

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    I'm going to say NO, not at that length. HCG would not be necessary, imo. So that will cause you (I would hope) to rethink clomid at the end. Lastly, that final insert about winny and var after PCT is NOT a good idea. I don't know why so many people seem to consider them sooo mild. They may be relatively mild in the grand scheme of things, but they're still drugs, they still effect HPTA and you would still be doing a second cycle three weeks after your last...which makes no sense unless you're at a pretty competitive/advanced which case you wouldn't even take the three weeks it really doesn't make sense no matter how you slice it. You'd be better off using clen /eca alternating, though, truth be told, i think you're better off recovering with as little as possible (AAS or otherwise) in your system...just protein, food, glutamine and creatine.

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