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Thread: sus ot test

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    GOING2BERIPPED is offline New Member
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    fuckin Pa

    sus ot test

    I am trying to bulk up and I AM GETTING the
    impression that test is just as good as sus
    and also cheaper I need to bulk up so if I am
    going to get thesame results from test
    that Ifrom thetest and save some $
    fuck I'm there
    If anyone could suggest test and what kind I would
    really appreciate it

    Keep adding more fucking plates

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    Re: sus ot test

    Originally posted by GOING2BERIPPED
    If anyone could suggest test and what kind I would
    really appreciate it
    Brovel T-200 es mi favorito.

    But, you should stack with something too, not just Test. alone

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    MUSTANG_18 is offline Associate Member
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    Sust is Test! Some prefer a singe ester Testosterone compared to Sust (which has 4 diffrent ester of all diffrent half lives) as it is usually cheaper and makes it easier to keep a steady level in your system as you do not have the diffrent esters peaking and dropping. I personnaly would go with Testex Cyp, Primoteston (Enanthate ) or Testoviron (Enanthate). All are good brands


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