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Thread: Please Help

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    Please Help

    Hey Everyone,
    Wondering if you would like to give your opinions on these 2 cycles. I'm torn between the two and need any advice I can get. 6'0 180-185lbs. 22 yrs. 2 yrs training. 5 yrs. ON&OFF. Please critique, Ineed help with this one. Thanks in advance!

    Wk 1-6 D-Bol 15 -40mg pyramiding
    Wk 1-12 Primotest 500mg every 5 days
    Wk 1-11 QV Deca 300mg every 5 days
    Wk 9-14 Winstrol Depot 50mg EOD
    Wk 14-17 Clomid
    Nolvadex on hand

    Wk 1-4 D-Bol 15-40mg pyramiding
    Wk 1-10 QV Test Enanthate 500mg every 5 days
    Wk 1-9 Qv Deca 300mg every 5 days
    Wk 7-12 Winstrol Depot 50mg EOD
    Wk 12-15 Clomid
    Nolvadex on hand

    Previous cycles
    First Cycle:
    Wk 1-9 Test-400 (400mg every 6 days)
    Wk 1-9 QV EQ 200 (200mg every 6 days)
    Results: Gained about 18 lbs, Kept 10 lbs. Hungry & Horney throughout Cycle!

    Second/Last Cycle:
    Wk 1-8 Ara-test 2500 (250mg every 4 days)
    Wk 1-8 QV Deca 300 (300mg every 4 days)
    Results: Gained about 15 lbs, Kept 10 lbs. No increase in appetite and not horney at all!

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    I would go with option 1. IMO I wouldn't run the dbol for more than 4wks. 6wks is a little too much stress on the liver and there is no need for pyramiding. If this is your first cycle using dbol I would run 30mg/ED trying to spread your doses evenly. Run the test and deca at 500mg/wk and 400mg/wk respectively. I also strongly suggest winny ED. It has a short half-life and blood levels need to be constant for it to effective. I always try and stick with human grade whenever possible. Thats one reason why I chose Opt. 1. Good luck.

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    Thanks, I'll only run the d-bol for 4 weeks and the winstrol everyday. Any other inputs out there?

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