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Thread: need help!!!

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    Unhappy need help!!!

    Hi ,I would like somebody to help me,I am 22 ,5.11-210.Never used steroids ,but now i want to try.Please,somebody with experience tell me.
    I got told to use Primobolan ,becose is the safe one, or Winstrol .
    I am little scared of side effects....????what should i take and how much?? THANKS A LOT
    sorry for my writing ,i am not from USA...

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    Nov 2002
    I'm not trying to bust your balls but do some research. It doesn't take much time to do and it will save you a lot of troubles in the end.

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    dude run a test only cycle from 250mgs a week to 400 mgs try enathate run it for about 10 weeks and see how your body does on roids but do resarch first before you do this to see if you wont damage yourself from the sideffects high bood heart problems ect ect winstrol and primoblan wont do shit for you by thereselfs and r better stacked and part of a cutting cycle like web03 said do some reasarch.

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