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    Talking I Love this Cycle!

    I am a week into my test/eq/dbol cycle and I have to say Ilove this shit. Obviously, I'm not feeling anything from the test or eq yet, but fuck I love this dbol. The pumps are sick and I'm only using it at 25mg/day. Also, I've been fucking my girlfriend about five times a day, and I could easily go for more if she could take it. I will use dbol in every cycle to follow. I LOVE THIS SHIT. This is my first cycle and will be posting a weekly diary in the cycle results section for all of u to read. I just have one question, how can u live without this shit?

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    glad ur enjoying yourself.

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    I will be using dbol on my next cycle. I don't think it's a good idea for your liver to always use it though. I could be wrong.

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    You certainly could be "feeling" the Test and Eq right now. Your blood levels start to elevate the moment you administer the drug. But the "results" are hardy noticable for several weeks with long/heavy esters... when your blood levels reach their peak (after a few weeks unless you frontload @ twice the maintenance dose the first week). Plus, it takes time for your body to produce the anabolic benefits, muscular hypertrophy and such.

    The pumps are probably a combination of the Dianabol and Equipoise . Eq pumps are awesome - and they will keep getting better in the next few weeks

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