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    I dont know

    Man..I took the last of my gear for this depressing..I gained about 15lbs. Not to bad for what I think of as a light 3rd cycle...Test400 and EQ 400...Gained about 40-50lbs. on bench...squat didnt really move too much but that is my fault...but I will make up for it with my new leg workout...I have my gear for the next cycle...Its is sooooo f$%kin' hard to not start it..its a D-bol/Test/Deca cycle..I see a few guys in the gym bigger than me and I just wanna start the next cycle...but I won' body needs a rest from bodypressure needs to go down...I have been about a dick to my girl and I need to go back to my lovin' self for awhile. I'm going to bridge my cycles with creatine...what do you think of this cycle and when should I start clomid.

    D-bol 50mg 1-4
    Test Enth 500mg 1-10
    Deca 300mg 1-10
    Test Prop 100mg ED 11-16
    Fina 75mg 11-16

    What do you think?

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    I think I personally would take out the deca . Even if they don't coincide exactly, I'm not a big fan of deca and fina being in the same cycle as one another...that'll make for a tough recovery, imo.

    Also, why the transition from enan to prop? I'm not saying it's a bad idea, and I've considered it form time to time as well, but how will you plan to account for the enan clearing while the prop is being administered so that you don't suddenly have 750mg above "normal" out of nowhere at week 11?

    Finally, if you want my honest opinion, it appears that you have two distinct phases in your cycle, a bulking for ten weeks and cutting for six. I don't think it's a secret that I'm a fan of the idea of something along these lines for reasons I've discussed in depth in several other threads. However, I'm increasingly becoming of the opinion that 15-16 weeks might be just on the short side in order to accomplish those goals. I'd consider either extending the bulking phase to twelve and the cutting to eight for an even twenty (though I prefer to call them mass accumulation and leaning, not to use fancier words, but because they aren't pure bulks or cuts in the way that i envision them). Additionally, i think this goal is easier served with a compound common to both could consider ditching the deca in favor of eq and having the eq be this compound.

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