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    Aug 2003

    Dianabol. (excited newbee questions.)

    My questions are; (very greatfull for answers.)
    1. Should the dbol tabs be taken on an empty stomach or at meal times? (the dianobol naposim tabs came with an instruction guide which is in Romanian language or something.)
    2. Does Dianabol (naposim) come from romania/rumania? I've also heard there's a lot of fake russian dianabol which is nere that way. The tabs are white with a triangle in them.
    3. Is this a good program for me to start with? (I'm 28 years old, into track and field, lift weights, want bigger stronger muscles. 15 years training experiance. need to get used to cycles for various reasons such as drug tests and health.)

    Weak 1-3 dbol 5-10mg per day.
    weak 4-6 come off
    weak 7-9 dbol 10-15mg per day
    weak 10-12 come off
    weak 13-15 dbol 15mg per day.

    Beyond this point I might have to start combining a fat loss/water loss type drug or something, well, I'll learn more about it by that stage. Yes, the doses are a little low but I cannot afford to become over-dependant as I will have to stop taking dbol 3-4 weaks before a drugs test.
    Anyway, please answer one or more of my questions. Thanks

    Oh yeah, should I store the tabs in a collcupboard or fridge? Is there a certain temperature+ that they should not be stored above or below?
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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    1) I take it with food.

    2) I think so. Sound real, can't know for sure.

    3) No it's not. With a d-bol only cycle you will lose all of your gains when you come off.
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    1. Take with food without sometimes causes stomach cramps in people
    2. Not sure, compare pics with online pics.
    3. Id mix something else....i did a complete d-bol cycle before its really hard and a big downer to try to keep the weight you put on ....take Eq or Deca with it.

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    Definitely take it with food.

    If you read the AR Drug profile on dbol (dianabol ), you'll find that it states:

    "It is recommended that the [dbol] tablets be taken during meals so that possible gastrointestinal pains can be avoided."

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    1 - with food and water
    2 - here's a link.... see if you find your dbol here

    3 - no, it's not a good program at all.
    here are the reasons:
    a) even though I'm a low dosage advocate - 5 to 10 mg/ day would simply surpress your levels without adding any benefit. (keep in mind a very short half life of dbol - spacing 10 mg evenly would be ineffective at all, spacing 5mg - is a pure waste)

    b) test fluctuations will exsaggarate SE if your'e prone.

    c) if 15 mg is enough for you to grow, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to get actual physical results - thus, your best case scenario would be the following: you will bloat for 2 weeks, then lose the water. The muscle gain will not sustain without PCT.

    d) Even if you keep low dosages - such prolongned use could damage your liver.


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    You're better off going 8 weeks continuous, instead of 3 on 3 off.

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    goldenear is offline Associate Member
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    Well, the most important thing with respect to your cycle is not getting caught. The 2nd most important thing is to actually get some results. With those two premises in mind, I'd recommend a 6-week stack of test prop and dbol . This is a terrific combo that will clear very rapidly. Remember, it's the metabolites of the synthetics that get you caught. The current test for testosterone doping only checks the T/E ratio. I've heard about the new test that supposedly has the capability of distinguishing endogenous testosterone from exogenous testosterone, but I don't believe it....kinda like the exo/endo hGH test which I'm pretty sure is NOT being used because of mixed results.

    If you play your cards right, you'll be able to get away with running various testosterones (e.g., prop, suspension, Testoderm, etc.) right up to the test/event. You really should contact a sports doc so you can figure out your body's physiology with respect to clearance times, T/E ratios & dosages, etc. And watch out for the ancillaries because I'm pretty sure most of them are banned.

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    If the Naps are as you say then IMO they are real.

    Why go 2 on off thats crap!! You're better off running 8 weeks solid or 6 at a higher dose.
    Dianabol will be clear in 3 weeks. If this is your first cycle then you probably won't lose all of your gains but you will lose some, say 50%
    I would recommend using another test with this, Say Propionate or Sus250. The track season is nearly over so unless you are a tested out of season athlete then you have nothing to worry about. Sus250 is out in 3-4 weeks and prop 2 weeks.
    Look at my signature!

    Don't worry about losing the weight as it will come off over a period of about 2 months anyway - it wll be mostly water!

    What event are you? Might be able to help a little more!

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    Aug 2003
    The tablets are white (with triangle print) and they're in a pack that is pretty much the same as one of the pictures on the link provided by Rookiejay. They're from romania(apparently.)

    The Base, I am a 100 meter sprinter. I am at my lightest bodyweight (173 pounds) in 10 years. Usually I'm 179/180 pounds.)
    I'm 6ft1.5in" tall. (about 1.88meters?)
    I've got long legs which is my favourite excuse for not being able to squat a lot of weight. I want that to change. I need to boost my squat right up.
    This morning I took my first ever steroid , dbol tab. I guess I'll
    have to take more than 10mg a day and for longer than 3 weaks then.
    I need to learn more about these other drugs aswell.
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    Speedster is offline New Member
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    Aug 2003
    "a) even though I'm a low dosage advocate - 5 to 10 mg/ day would simply surpress your levels without adding any benefit. (keep in mind a very short half life of dbol - spacing 10 mg evenly would be ineffective at all, spacing 5mg - is a pure waste)"... posted by Rookiejay.

    "half life" ?. Does that mean something like I'll have to take my tabs in one sitting, rather than at differant times of the day, or is is better to spread the tablets over the course of the day?

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