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    Transfering Amps

    I need some advise. I want to transfer my gear from 15 amps into one vial.....because I want to spread the dosages out. What is the best way to go about doing this ?

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    I don't recommend you do it. Why? Sterility issues. I'm sure some of the others guys will help you out though, so I'll bump it for you.

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    Go to one of the various "research" companies and get a sterile 20ml vial and a 30ml syringe. Also get an 18g pin, draw all the oil from the 15 amps into the 30ml syringe.
    Then get a 25g pin and stick it into the vial to relieve the presure.
    Then inject it into the 20ml vial.

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    Do what xxxl83 said, but also buy a syringe filter and place it between the syringe and the needle which goes into the sterile vial. This will ensure that it is sterilized before entering the vial.


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