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Thread: next cyle

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    next cyle

    I was thinking of running a test enathate EQ cycle for my second cycle. But im curios on how long i should run the EQ to get the best results. I want to run the test at least 12 weeks at 500 mg a week. Im thinking maybe 400mg a week witht eh EQ but how long should i run it. Also i was thinking about throwing some Primo in there because of its great gains an how you are able to keep alot of the gains. Im not gonna run this cylce till Janurary i think so i want to get research over with. Thanks for the input.

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    Cut the EQ one week prior to cutting the test so they taper out at the same time for PCT. so if you run the test for 12 weeks run the EQ for 11 and so on. I'd say run the EQ anywhere from 10-14 weeks.

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    very similar to what im on now 100mg enanthate /750 eq...stop the eq one week prior..i am personally running for 14 weeks test and 13 weeks eq..but will be adding some winny to mix in a few weeks

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