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    am goin to start 400m deca 500 sust 4 8 week cycle need advice on days to inject and time apart from one 2 the other ,and how much at a time ...nice 1,also should i use tamoxifin at 20ms a day or just use it if i start to get sore tits

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    What's up man? As far as the Nolvadex is conserned... My first question would be... Have you ever been on juice before? If so you would probably know If you needed to take the Nolvadex from the start of the cycle. If you have never been on juice before (which it sounds like you have not) but your confident that your ready for it, then I would wait on the Nolvadex until you need it. You should be able to tell rather easily. By the way, don't play with your nipples everyday or they will be sore just from jacking with them!

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    Try two shots per week at 250mg sust and 200mg deca on say Monday and Thursday or something similar to that. Personally, I wouldn't start the nolva until you see any symptoms, unless you know you are gyno prone...

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    The Iron Game Guest
    10mgs daily of nolva

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    Originally posted by Boston
    By the way, don't play with your nipples everyday or they will be sore just from jacking with them!
    I think this is some of the best advice as far as checking for gyno is concerned. The nipple is a very sensitive body part and can be irritated by just "jacking with them" too often. GL.
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    Take nolva only when they get sore at 20-30mg per day just in case. Dont play with them too much or of you shave your chest sometimes you might go over your niple that would make them sore also. :

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