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    Can i just use sustenon to cut up?

    I have sustenon, and very motivated to lose the fat. I am doing cardio and eating right, just wondering if 500 mg of sustenon a week would help speed things along, but without bloating? Or just do 250 mg week? And if it woul focus on burning fat!

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    not a good choice, sust is beter for building muscle on a high calorie diet, if you are cutting calories winny or anavar would be better choice, a bit of the sust can aromatise to and cause estrogen fat deposits so liquidex would be needed, but dont wastes sust on a cutting

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    how about considering the classic clen /t3 stack? wouldn't be advised though as t3 is always highly recomended to stack with an anabolic .

    Perhaps if you're highly tempted to use the sust, you might wanna throw in some t3 too. of course a strict diet is always important when talking about losing fats

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