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    Sustanon over other Test ???

    I keep seeing guys giving advice to use Enan. or Cyp. instead of Sustanon 250 ?? Why is this ?? I have been researching Test, and was thinking of doing Sus. because of the "non bloat" properties it seems to have. I have one of those bodies that loves to hold water. Also, one other question. What is best to run with Test to prevent bloat, Liquidex or Nolva ?? Thanks guys ...

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    i prefer enathate to all other tests. your basically asking a question that is only going to supply you with other peoples opinions. i have said this many times, everyone is different, and every chemical works differently for each individual. get some other opinions, and then do some more research. decide for yourself. there are going to be lots of guys saying this is great and that sucks...again, thats just there opinion. hit the search button. you could find alot of helpful info there, and it makes for some good reading too. haha

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    people ususally tell members that have not completed any cycles to use enathate or cyponaite....reason bieng is because they are both long acting esters and disapate from the body around the same of time....if you were to run sustanon then youd have to shoot atleast 3 times per week or eod to get good results...if your under 750mg/wk...then you should go with a single acting long ester like cyp or enathate...Madmax...

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    enth is more stable in the blood, the different esters in sust cause too much fluctuation, sust is still a good human grade test but human enth amps will blow it away

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    I agree with Madmax and meathead84, sust requires frequent injects to keep blood levels stable, so anything under 750mg/wk you're better off with a long acting single estered test like cyp, or enanth.

    Also sust does not have "non bloat" properties. You will hold water with sust just as is the case with any long acting test.

    It would be a good idea to run liquidex to keep the bloat off.


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    Sus actually give more bloat IMO. Max covered it pretty good IMO .....enathate is a great test for a first cycle

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    there's an article titled "why should you not use sustanon " or something like that, you'll most probably find the answer there

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    Yeah i agree that sust should be ran at least 750mg/week injecting for example mon,wed,fri. I tryed this with some deca and got really good gains. But if i have the choice i will always go for enanthate or cyp because you dont have to inject it as much. and could probably get good results from 500mg/week if stacked. and its less painfull

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    Beating a dead horse...

    Properly using Sustanon in a tricky situation for athletic goals. It's perfect for its inteded purpose, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) because it allows a patient to require much less doctor visits... with the combination of all the different esters a patient would only need a shot every 2-3 weeks or so. As the different esters meet their half lives - another ester takes over... for an even androgen release.

    But in the athletic/bodybuilding purposes we want to exceed simply replaceing but rather create a much more anabolic environment to enhance growth. Well over what our endogenous androgen levels are.

    If you were to self administer Sustanon at these higher amounts than you would need to administer for the shortest ester - testosterone propinate. Propinate raise blood levels quicky and they stay elevated for 2 days - then they drop fast. If you took Sustanon any less frequently than EOD - you would be on a hormone rollercoaster that would resemble puberty. Emotional ups and downs, acne, water gain and some studies have shown fluctuations being more suppressive to the HPTA.

    So... Sustanon at EOD equals 875mg per week of testosterone. Which minus all the ester weights is about 700-720 mg of free testosterone. Which is typically too much for a first time user. So if you do not wish to use that much testosterone in a cycle plan - USE A SINGLE ESTER. It's that simple folks. If you want 500mg per week. Administer Enanthate catching its half life at about 250mg every 3-4 days. And stay consistent so that you get even blood levels. Or Cypionate at 250mg every 4-5 days.

    The pros on Sustanon is when it is used correctly you get a quick start on the cycle because of the ester layout. The propinate, phenylpropinate hits right away and while the longer/heavier esters begin their build up.

    The cons - when its adminsitered incorrectly blood levels fluctuate way too much. It can take several weeks for the heaviest ester to run it's coarse. And bottomline - Sustanon really is best for its intended purpose... HRT.
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    HAHA...Sust250 cause major did in me!! I use liquidex now for the bloat..although the bloat is still there a little...its nothing like with out it! I haven't tried it yet but they tell me that Test Prop doesnt bloat ya that bad...I will try it some day..

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