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    Hey bros, I need this answered ASAP before I leave tonight!

    I am about to leave to make a trip to Del Rio. While there, I am going to grab some clomid and nolvadex along with my gear. Do ya'll think I will have a problem declaring the clomid and nolva at customs? I called the Del Rio customs 3 times already just to be sure that I could claim my gear when I cross and they said yes all 3 times as long as it is a "personal supply" up to 50 units or less. I'm thinking, if I can claim gear and not have a problem with that, I can surely claim the clomid and nolva? What you bros think anybody has crossed with clomid or nolva and claimed it?

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    I brought back 3 boxes of clomid, and around 80 pills (the 20 mg / 14 tab per box i think) and got no beef from it.

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