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    Whey Protein Powders Are 80% Of My Protein Intake!!!!

    I was wondering if this is ok or not if THE MAJORITY of my protein intake came from whey protein powder? I do eat meats and eggs BUT the majority is from the powder. IS THIS OK FOR MAKING GAINS???

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    id atleast try to get 50% from food...Madmax

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    Isn't this the steroid question forum????

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    i make better gains when eating solid food. the nutrients and other vitamins present in real food is necessary unless you are taking an extreme amount of vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

    while a good powder like Pro-Rated has all essential BCAAs and a plethora of other nutrients it still shouldn't be the backbone of a bodybuilders diet.

    it all depends on how serious you are...if you are just trying to look good for the ladies the whey will keep your caloric intake low and also help you reach ketosis if you try to go that route. unless i was really serious about a diet that induced a ketogenic state i would not ingest that much powder every day since i have less energy, my shits are terrible, and i feel weak.

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    madmax is right atleast 50% from whole foods. the protein shakes are to supplment what you dont eat in protein quality protein comes in whole foods tuna,chicken,steak.ect

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    That's just it, supplements are meant to be additions to a balances diet of whole foods... you know, SUPPLEMENT it.

    We all have busy schedules and I have been forced to rely on supps evey now and then but try not to make it too much of a habit.

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    50% from real food is fine. Life can get busy sometimes and it's better to have a intake of some kinda protein than to have nothing at all.

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    Nothing replaces whole foods but when time is a major issue, whey protein shakes can be a viable alternative. Add flax oil to the shakes to slow down absorption and increase its nutrient content.


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