My gym partner is on hrt by a doctor. He takes 400mgs of cypionate every two weeks and blood test every three months he's also on levoxyl 125mcgs a day witch I think is for his thyroid but im not sure. He weighs 280lbs 5'6 and 24-25%bf which Im trying to help lower by motivating him in the gym as his partner. He also is 26yrs old and on a cycle he added in another 400mgs of cyp on the weeks that he doesnt go to the doctor and propionate eod 100mgs he's 4 weeks in and has started to gain a little he started at 272 he's got 2 more weeks of the prop and 4 more cyp he also ordered some tren acetate to take eod for 3 weeks. I am trying to get him to take some winny instead but he is pretty stuborn about things. His resoning about post cycle is that since he's already going to be on the cyp for the rest of his life he doesnt need any pct but I think he would need It maybe you guys can help me to change his mind as he reads these post sometimes but has never posted or is a member. Ive kindof taken over the role of a personal trainer for him in the past couple of months I finally got him to clean up his diet which mainly consisted of twinkies and ho'ho's
know he eats every 2-3hours mainly chicken tuna and pastas rice and potatoes and some fruit he is on about 3500-4000 cal a day and trys to take in about 45-50g protein per meal and 100g carbs. He is one to get easily discouraged when thing dont come as quickly or easily as he is expecting so its been tougher than takeing care of my 2yr old. But I do see potential in him hes strong as an ox the first day ever in the gym he pushed 350 6 time like it was nothing on the bench.

Also what would he be able to see as results from adding in the tren and maybe loss of body fat would there be any.