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Thread: injection info

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    injection info

    I would like to know what the upper limit of the number of cc's to be injected at one time is. My current cycle has deca and sustanon and i tried to inject 4cc's of deca at one time instead of spreading it over the week. Is this safe?

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    Cool In how many sites?

    I don't know your dosages in milligrams, but in terms of cc's, it depends on (1) the site, and (2) the type - water, alcohol, or oil-based.

    For example, you might be comfortable with 2 cc's of oil-based solution in the glute, but it would hurt like a bear in the delt or quad. You might be comfortable with 2 cc's of water-based solution in the delt or quad, but alcohol-based solution would burn a lot more.

    The bottom line is that you can inject whatever you are comfortable with.

    You have two other options, however - you can split the dosage into more than one injection, or you can split the injection into more than one site. In other words, if you want to do, say, 500 mg. of test, instead of doing it once a week, split it into two 250 mg. shots - one today and one in three or four days.

    If you are determined to inject 4 cc's of anything at one time, simply spread it to multiple injection sites, say, 2 cc's in each of the glutes, or 1 cc in each of the delts and quads.

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    Smile thankx man

    Hey thanks for the help. BTW the problem is with deca and the strength is 100mg/ml. sustanon is already pretty strong so i wouldnt need to go beyond 2 cc's cuz its 250 mg/ml

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