Anyone ever had bad experience with this stuff. I've done lots of it and seem to always have pretty good results, but the last batch I bought for me and my brother seem to be bad. I've talked to another guy locally and he said the same thing. 2 bottles were good, then the 3rd was crap.

My brother just started about 2 months ago. He did a bottle of test of it and started getting some size, then I got him another bottle and some deca from them and now it's been 6 weeks later on the deca and test and he actually lost a bit of weight and says he's having trouble getting wood. It would seem that the first bottle was good and then the test from the second is pretty much just oil since it sounds like he's got off the stuff from his results and he should have made gains seeing as he's been doing deca with it too.

My brother knows how to diet right and workout. I've done a few workouts with hime before and he's a nut at the gym so it's not that. He's no were near his genetic potential neither since he's 5.10" and is at 202lbs. I'm only 5.'6" and I'm at 210lbs.

Just wondering what other peoples results were with this stuff. Thanks