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    blue diamond labs? (out of canada)

    just wondering if any of you have heard of blue diamond labs out of canada and if so is their shit any good, and how was your experiance with them as well as their gear?

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    I've used their trenbolpro-EQ blend (test prop, EQ and tren mix) with good results, i heard their primo tested 100% negative though.... I won't use them again after hearing that.

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    bdtr, they do have some fakes out there so be careful. I stand by BDL 100%. I'm currently on their durabolin and it's one of the best nandrolones i've ever taken in my life!

    Yet, it's like ANY underground lab. Once they get notariety the other labs will produce fakes to tarnish their rep. BDL, from a legit source, is GREAT stuff!

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