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    Dec 2001

    ttokkyo stanol-v??

    this comes in an 20ml100mgs.per cc.has anyone use ttokkyo's winny i hear it is underfilled..what do you think of ttokkyo's products iis it good gear.i say this because i have to 2 vials of this stuff and i am planning on doing a six week cycle of this.and do i need to wait three weeks b4 i hit the clomid on winny since it is a water based drug or can i use the clomid would be appreciated,thanks..


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    Victory is offline New Member
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    Dec 2001
    The Iron Game wrote this.

    I think that Tt stuff is awsome. Good luck bro

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    RUSSIANBEAR is offline Member
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    Nov 2001

    Thumbs up

    I thought it was alittle thick but still worked great for my boy. I took the Stanol "V" tabs man those kicked ass. Great results. I will have to agree cant go wrong with TT.

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    With the Iron Game on this one , bud.

    I have used all injectable winny in my time. Stanol V ranks second. 1st is the original 30cc milk jugs from Upjohn. But if you do not have a rich womans daddy who is in to thoroughbred racing, you will never hold another legit bottle of upjohn winny in your sweaty palms.

    zambons are great, but I hate it when there is product stuck to the sides of my ampule. i'd rather have that *hit into my arse.


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    Good stuff, just shake the bottle well before drawing, its thick as shit

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