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    Winstros? What does it do?


    Im starting a cycle of 200mg cypionate a week, and 300mg deca a week, I will also be on Nolva Dex and Clomid just to be safe. I was wondering what does Winstros actually do, and would it be good to do winstros pills with this cycle? If you have any comments or info please let me know, my stats are, im 20 years old, 6'2, 180lbs, iv been lifting for a few years I got pretty serious with it in the last year and a half but its so hard for me to get cut and put on size, so im doing this as my first cycle, I plan to get good sleep, eat healthy (lots of protein) and do cardio. any info would be great!

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    Run a search on Winny and you should find the info you're looking for!


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    Well, first off its rather hard to get cut and put on mass at the same time, which is what is sounds like you trying to do, so i would bulk up first if i were you and then cut down......i think you'll like the results better. I would also bump up the cyp dosage if were you, 200mg isnt really anything, 400-500 is a lot better, deca dosage is fine.

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    For a first cycle I wouldn't run Deca . I would run a test only cycle and maybe use winny to help harden up your gains in the end of the cycle. Leave the Deca for another cycle. You getting more cut up depends on your diet not the gear.

    Here's what I would run:

    Wk 1 - 10 Cyp 400mg a week
    Wk 8 - 13 Winny 50mg ED
    WK 1 - End of PCT Nolva 20mg ED
    PCT (Clomid) starts 1 days after last winny dose

    Day 1 Clomid 300mg / Nolva 20mg
    Day 2 - 11 Clomid 100mg / Nolva 20mg
    Day 12 - 21 Clomid 50mg / Nolva 20mg

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    I would definately run your test at a minimum of 400/500 your cyp will take 3 weeks to kickin so, what I did was front load. at 800/800/600 just to jump start.
    There are alot of people that believe in the test only cycle to start, I actually was really thinking of doing it, but I am running deca in mine at 300.
    I have a question...if you're 6'2" 180, why would you want to cut? you're going to have a battle just trying to get something TO cut up! I'd run a 2bulkers over the winter, I finish in Nov. 1ish and I'll do another in january, and start cutting by way of diet in april and start a cycle in may. I'm 175 now and hope to be over 200 after cutting down in the summer. I want 215 with 8% for summer.


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    are winstros........... like marlboros combined with winstons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sober
    are winstros........... like marlboros combined with winstons?

    LOL good one

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