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    new cutting cycle. including win,eq,cle,cytomel, nolv,prov,hcg

    This will be my first juice cycle so I would like as much criticism as you guys can dish out. please. First of all I am 22, have been very overweight as a kid until I was 17, when I started my cardio and lifting routine. I have been on this routine changing things up every once and a while and am now down to 201, from 280lbs! a sh!& load of weight, for a 6'2 frame. Well I like my body now but I still have huge love handles, some abdominal fat, and some breast tissue, looks like gyno to me. In January I will get this crap surgically removed, all off it. (yes I know lipo and breast surgery is for girls, but I am a good looking guy and girls love my face and body clothed but naked it a wholenother ball game.) AFTER the procedure I will start the following cycle to get my mucsle strength back and start really looking good. I already have tendency for gyno so I am taking HCG novaldex and proviron to make so I dont get anymore. the surgery alone is costing me 8 grand!

    ----EQ----------WINny-----Clen -----Cytomel ---Prov/Noval----------HCG

    W1 300--------------------------80---------------25------50
    W2 300------------------------100---------------25-------50
    W3 300-------------------------eca ------------- 25-------50
    W4 300----------50 eod------ECA----------------25-------50
    W5 300----------50 eod-------120---------------25-------50
    W6 300----------50 eod------120--------------- 25-------50
    W7 300----------50 eod------eca------75 ------25-------50
    W8 300----------50 eod-----eca-------75-------25====50
    W9---------------50 eod------120------75-------25-------50
    W10---------------50 eod -----120------100------25-------50
    W11---------------50 eod------eca------100-----25-----50--------5000
    W12 ---------------------------eca-----------------25-----50---------5000
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    I would run the winny for 10 weeks, add some test, and why Nolva? if you can get Arimidex might be better.

    sound good for a beginner

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    The original jason Guest
    *sigh* dont use hcg post cycle use it 2 weeks before you end 500iu's ed so if cycle is 10 weeks use it 8&9


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    Don't use the nolvadex , and proviron
    If you'll get gyno from EQ, it will be progesterone, so nolva won't help.

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    The original jason Guest
    I didnt see that but 50mg nolva per day??? drop the nolva u wont need it EQ has a very small chance of conversion however I would be more than suprised if you got any from it also It doesnt convert to progesterone. You can run the proviron 50mg ed for its other qualities it wont hinder gains


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    run your equip at least at 5900mg per week I would run it higher 300mg wont do you any good and run your winnie ed

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    Deca-Durobolin & Stanozolol

    I used Deca and Stanol back in April for 8 weeks. I peaked Deca at 100mg./week with Stanol at 40mg./day or 280mg./week. I got really good results but it seemed that I was just a touch below where I was trying to get. I was thinking of bringing Deca up to 300mg-400mg./week and Stanol to about 60mg./day this time.
    Does anybody have any experience using these two and these amounts?

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    Hey Jmiro...Have u started this yet? How is it going? ANd what did the final cycle turn out to look like?

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