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    Sep 2003

    Need help on deca cycle (winny and test?)

    This is going to be my 2nd cycle (1st was a 8 week sust cycle)

    I havent bought anything yet, sitll looking into different options and researching so far im pretty set on this 8 week cycle:

    Wks 1-8
    500mg sust /week
    400mg deca /week

    Im still wondering on wether i should take test enanthate or sust, please give me some feedback on which would be best for me.
    Im looking for some good gains, and improved strength - im 150lbs and in MMA so want to stay agile.

    Also i was wondering on if i should take winny during the end of my cycle not sure yet.

    Post cycle i would take clomid for 4 weeks, that sounds right to me but i need opinions on when i should take it (3 weeks after my last deca shot i beleive it was).

    Thanks in advance for help

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    If you don't take proviron your face is gonna look so funny bloated on a 150 lbs body

    take your deca to 10 weeks and sust to 12 BTW

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    i would go with enathate. personal preference. deca and teat enath. go great together.

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    i would use enathate instead..but i would also drop the deca and add far as winnie goes i would run it for 6 weeks at 50mg ed

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    150 lbs?? What are your other stats .. height and age?

    I personally like Test E over Sust on a cycle like this .. since you can just inject the Test and Deca twice a week. Sust needs to be injected more frequently to take full advantage of the substance.


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    Sorry for the late reply, im about 5'8 and 22, yes i know what some of you will say im still young and such but im in to freestyle fighting and ve got to start building up some more mass to go into my next weight class, im 150lbs not sure on % body fat but its pretty low.

    Ive gotten a lot of peolpe saying Test Enanthate and yea i do like that you can inject it twice a week with the deca so i will probably go with that.

    I was thinking on
    weeks 1-10
    500mg test en /wk
    400mg deca /wk

    weeks 8-14
    winny 50mg ed

    then post cycle clomid, should i need an anti-estrogen during my cycle for the deca? thanks in advance for the advice.

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    Sep 2003
    Im not very sure about the winny though, as i dont really know when to take it in my cycle so any advice on that also is appreciated

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    Cycle sounds good. I would keep the deca in there, sounds like you want to put on mass and deca will give you a bit more because it tends to keep more water than EQ.

    I would personally run the following instead of Winny:

    1-10 500mg enan
    1-10 400mg deca
    week 11 100mg EOD prop
    week 12-13 150mg EOD prop
    Start Clomid week 14

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