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Thread: 25mg Dbol?

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    25mg Dbol?

    Here's my ? does it really make that big of a differance if I take my 25mg dbol in a split does am/pm or once a day @ noon before I work out, I've heard if your taking 5mg pinkies to take them every couple of hours for best results. Im taking 50mg of winnie every day 100 mg of tren evod and 200 mg of enethate per week, never taken dbol. stats; 6ft 230lbs 10% bf. Thanks for any input.

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    Many perfer to split them up just to keep the blood levels even. They find that this gives them better results. However on the flip side, I have seen many just pop them all at once everytime and have just the same results.

    I personally feel that is it best to split it up. Same with the winny.

    At the same time I strongly don't recommend you taking both winny and dbol at the same time. Far to hard on your system.

    Try taking the dbols at the beginning of the cycle for a jump start for 4-6 weeks and then have a few weeks off 17aa AAS' and then finish up with 6 weeks of winny. Your liver will thank you for it.

    200mg of enanthate a week??? Seems a little low personally.

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