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    Exclamation T3/Clen/Primo and my unique Goals…. Please read

    Gentlemen: I am 24 yrs, 5’11” and 230 lbs. Very muscular but 20% body fat. I am sick of my physique; years of heavy lifting since a teenager and power lifting have given me a square body and thick/fat gut (38” waist). I now want a body like Antonio Saboto Jr. – Lean, cut, very defined and ripped (32” waist).

    Will T3/Clen /Primo give me this new structure? I want to loose 25 – 30 lbs. Will T3/Clen/Primo radically change my structure if I train perfectly and eat perfectly?
    Now I need your help!

    CARDIO? How much cardio should I do? 20 min intense cardio on empty stomach 3 X a week? Or, 45min – 1 hr 5 - 6X week.

    DIET? Should I consume 1200 or 2000 cal/day on T3/Clen/Primo Stack to get the model look that I’m trying to acheive?

    Also, would Bill Phillip’s “Body for Life” program assist me here?

    I’m not too concerned about loosing muscle since I am already prepared to loose up to 10 lbs if I can get a 6 pack and change my "look."

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    Between a bitch legs.......
    You don't need that much of cardio on t3..... cut in a half....Also, use something more powerful than primo to avoid muscles looses....
    Stick with a good diet and some cardio, t3 will do the rest......

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