Hello Guys, I am a brazilian man, and as u can see anabolism is such a international instersted top. I am daily user from many discussion groups here (www.npng.com.br, www.fisiculturismo.com.br....)
Well, I've read a lot about it and I am a medical student at last year.
I did a little cicle last summer taking 17 winnys, eod. I had a modest, but well expected results. Now I preparing my 2nd cicle, but too many doubts is fuc... my mind. 1st because of the fakes drugs. My primal intention was to use Primobolan -depot, but here in Brasil it is called as a legend to find the original ones. Then, my intention was to use winstrol depot winth Durateston (sustanon ), but the win is usually false too. So I am thinking to use Susta in dosasges of 500mg/week (1st to 4th) and 250mg/w (5th to 8th) (trying to not have many water retention) plus Deca (I don't know then dosage yet 100, 200mg?), but as minimal as it could, only to improve the testo.
If u please could help me... I am trying to compare the diferents opinions about my cicle, or if u have some other advices, please...
I warning u that I don't have any intention to use vets drugs, nor stanozolol , bold or other ones... (I chose susta (dura) and deca because in brasil, including enantate(deposteron) and anadrol (hemogenin), only these 4 anabolic drugs that are sold here).
Thanks, I hope u could help me, thanks.