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Thread: Deca or Eq`

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    Question Deca or Eq`

    i was thinking of running a Eq test cycle or a deca test cycle...Im 5'10 190 b/f is low but not sure what it is. I am leaning more towards the Eq cycle for some reason because im afraid of bitch tits, plus i dont want that stupid bloat look to my self.....But if u guys can leave some info on wehat u think is a better cylce...Im trying to achieve more mass but keep my cut that i already have so what do u think is best for me?? But any way it would be helpful if i had some info on what you guys think is a better cycle. Thanks for the info

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    Just from your comments EQ makes more sense. I am not much a deca fan but it has it's place. You should add some winny to your cycle.

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    Check this out - the famous Deca vs. EQ debate

    it's really good - ask BigGreen - he has a link to it in his signature
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    In my signature below there is a link to the thread "Deca vs Equipose"...a GREAT thread that should put you well on your way.

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