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    Winny with a Bulker, opinions and advice?

    What's going on guys,

    My (planned) 3rd Cycle.

    WK 1-6 Tren 50mg ed
    Wk 1-3 QV test enan 1000mg per wk
    WK 4-8 QV test enan 750mg per wk
    WK 1-12 Proline EQ 600 per wk
    WK 9-12 Proline Prop 75 or 100 mg ed
    WK 6-12 Proline winny 100mg eod
    Anti-e and PCT are all on hand and in order--good to go---
    What do you guys think about this cycle. Test is high for a 3rd cycle but I am not impressed w/ 500 wk QV enan so I will be upping the dosage.Stats--5'9 210-215lbs, 12%b.f. Diet is great(clean, =3500-400g protein, 50-450 g carb everyday, with flax and fish oil rounding out my diet, usually around 4500 cals when "on")
    Tell me what you guys would change and or keep the same. I really want to go all out on this one and pack on as much mass as possible. Goal-235lbs of lean hard mass....

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    Run the prop/winny to wk 14 or 15 to let the EQ clear. Otherwise looks good!

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    no need to front load the enth, i would run all your long esters together so they clear at the same time then switch to the short ester and use winny with them, i think this would be better
    1-8 enth 750mg per week
    1-8 EQ 600mg per week
    7-12 tren 75mgs per day
    7-12 winny 50mgs per day
    9-12 prop 7mgs per day,

    or run the long esters til week ten and adjust the short ones accordingly to week 14 depending how long you want your cycle to be

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    Thanks meathead and skii, anything else?

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    I'd run the tren from 2-12 personally or the entire cycle.

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