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Thread: Check this out

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    Check this out

    I got this off a different board, but thought some of you guys would be interested.

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    Yeah I heard about this. The guy was an idiot...who sells in person? I think that's crazy as hell, espically in a gym where ANYONE can ask. Hell, if the Secret Service came in, they could ask for them. And then he gets busted. That's crazy in my opinion.

    Do you know what state this was in? I didn't see it anywhere in the article...maybe I missed it.

    Good read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iowa Boy
    I got this off a different board, but thought some of you guys would be interested.
    Another Bust - ASHEBORO N.C. Gym Raid

    Steroid bust nets over half million in value
    By Chip Womick
    Staff Writer, The Courier-Tribune


    ASHEBORO - More than half a million dollars worth of steroids - clear liquid in small bottles and vials and pills in foil packages - filled three six-foot tabletops at the Randolph County Sheriff's Department on Friday.

    Authorities seized the performance-enhancing drugs - 18,255 dosage units of various brands of steroids - along with 300 syringes and $4,233 cash on Thursday in searches at Powerhouse Gym, 227 Sunset Ave., Asheboro, and at the Mack Road home of the man and woman who own the gym.

    During a three-month investigation, authorities said, multiple undercover purchases of steroids were made at Powerhouse Gym and at X-treme Gym, 1511 N. Fayetteville St., Asheboro.

    Three of four people charged in the ongoing investigation have ties to Powerhouse Gym. A fourth person is an employee of X-treme Gym.

    Powerhouse Gym and X-treme Gym are not affiliated. None of the drugs seized Thursday were found at X-treme Gym, which authorities did not search.

    Two of the people charged - Lloyd Dean Clark, 57, and his wife, Verneita Ellington Clark, 56, both of 350 Mack Road - are the owners of Powerhouse Gym, according to authorities. A third person, Herbert Jason Poole, 23, of 207 Village Ave., Randleman, was described as a person who "worked out" at Powerhouse Gym.Lloyd Clark was charged with one count felony possession of steroids and two counts felony possession with intent to sell and deliver steroids. Lloyd Clark served 20 months in federal prison on steroid charges in the past, authorities said. In 1988, Sheriff Litchard Hurley said, Clark was charged in Cincinatti, Ohio, with distribution of steroids, and, in 1990, he was charged in Wilmington with smuggling and distribution of steroids.

    Verneita Clark was charged with one count felony possession of steroids and one count felony possession with intent to sell and deliver steroids.

    Poole was charged with two counts misdemeanor possession of steroids, one count felony possession of steroids, three counts felony sell steroids and three counts felony deliver steroids.

    The X-treme Gym employee, Donny Ray Brown, 28, 549 Sawyersville Road, Asheboro, was charged with four counts misdemeanor possession of steroids, four counts felony sell steroids and four counts felony deliver steroids.

    Magistrates set the following bonds: Lloyd Clark, $20,000; Verneita Clark, $1,500; Poole, $15,000; and Brown, $5,000. All were released on bond.

    The operation combined efforts of the sheriff's department, the Asheboro Police Department and the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation.

    Speaking at a press conference Friday morning, both Hurley and Asheboro Police Chief Gary Mason said they have been getting information about the sale of steroids at Powerhouse for years.

    "Nothing against the people that work out there," Hurley said. "This type of thing goes on behind the scenes.

    "... I think you got some great gyms that do a legitimate business - and then you've got some that sell steroids, which is illegal."

    The size of the seizure indicates the size of the market for steroids locally, Hurley said, characterizing the haul of illegal drugs as "probably just a drop in the bucket."

    Special Agent Frank Brown of the State Bureau of Investigation said steroids are a Schedule III controlled substance. The category includes barbituates, veterinary tranquilizers like ketamine and narcotic painkillers like Vicodin.

    "Obviously it's a performance-enhancing drug," Brown said, "that's the big lure of a lot of people. It's got some serious side effects and consequences and therefore it's illegal."

    Side effects can include liver damage, heart problems and high anxiety, he said, which, among steroid abusers, can escalate to "roid rage " - uncontrolled outbursts of anger, frustration, or combativeness.

    Illegal steroids, Brown said, typically come from Mexico or Europe. He said authorities do not know where the drugs seized Thursday originated. Some bottles bore labels written in a non-Roman alphabet.

    Hurley said typically a customer in the market for steroids would approach a middle man at the gym - "You knew who to talk to," Hurley said - who would go into a back room and secure the drugs, bring them out front and make the transaction.

    Investigators said the raid at Powerhouse Gym netted approximately 7,220 dosage units of steroids and $733 cash. That raid led them to the Clarks' home, where authorities said they found 11,035 dosage units of steroids, about 300 syringes and $3,500 cash. Hurley said Verneita Clark was charged "because of the amount of steroids found at the house and where they were found."

    Total estimated street value of the steroids seized at both locations was $547,650. Hurley explained that "street prices" for some of the steroids seized ranged from $40 for 100 tablets of one brand to $225 for 100 tablets of another brand.

    North Carolina law also sets a tax on illegal drugs. The state tax on the steroids seized Thursday is $182,500, Hurley said. The tax is due 48 hours after a person comes into possession of illegal drugs. In this case, the clock started ticking Thursday afternoon, meaning the tax on the seized steroids is due this afternoon.

    "This could turn out to be a real big thing for all of us," Hurley said.

    Scott and Karie King opened X-treme Gym 11 months ago.

    Karie King said Friday that she hopes her gym's reputation is not tarnished by the large haul of drugs seized at another gym or by the actions of an employee who "knew somebody who had it" and was trying to do "a favor" for a customer who turned out to be an undercover officer.

    "We do not want (steroids) anywhere near our gym," she said.

    "It's not like we're condoning it," she said, "because what Donny did was wrong ... It was poor judgment, very, very poor judgment."

    King also said steroids are simply part of the gym culture, paticularly among some who compete in body building and power lifting.

    "They're everywhere," she said. "We by no means tolerate it. We don't want to know about it, but we know it's there. That's just life."

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    What idiots to do that out in the the oper like that. Of course, did you notice the reporter had to include the side effect of "roid rage ".

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    What a waste of a shitload of sweet sweet juice! You just KNOW those cops in Asheboro are gonna suddenly start getting "bigger" out of the blue

    He was stupid for selling in person, to such public people, but still, don't these cops have something better to do? Like hit the gym? Pound out some weights?

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    Damn that police force is going to be one swole crew.


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