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    Bromocryptine Alert

    I am searching for information FROM people who have actually used Fina and Bromocryptine.

    Who, if anyone here, HAS used fina and gotten gyno symptoms AND actually combated the gyno with the use of Bromo?

    I am also looking for experienced users who have had FINA imposed Gyno symptoms in the past only to completely prevent Gyno within that cycle or within the second, third cycle etc. with the use of Bromo.

    I'm not, however, looking for people who have ran bromo from day 1 of first fina cycle with no gyno sides.

    If you have any information that I could use I will be greatly appreciative.


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    I've used pergolide(a stronger prolactin inhibitor) to combat gyno alongside 60mg of Nolva on a Fina/Test cycle.

    Now, I personally think the symptoms were estrogenic in nature due to the testosterone being lowered from the prolactin surge the tren produced.

    In most cases, a person using Tren and Test will have estrogenic sides as opposed to progestenic.
    Tren increases prolactin which decreases test. This leaving estrogen at a higher ratio to test than consistantly before.

    If estrogen production is lowered to accomodate that test decrease before estrogenic symptoms set in, progesterone(or a similar variation as tren does not convert to progesterone) could occur.

    In any case, a Nolva/Prolactin inhibitor should be used to combat gyno sypmtoms when using tren in the cycle

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