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Thread: (anabolic) diet

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    (anabolic) diet

    I gotta question about the anabolic diet on this website. I was wondering if you did this diet without being on anabolics if it would make you fat. Because i wanted to try this diet and workout really hard. here is what the diet looks like. Would this gain lean mass?

    First meal, 7 am:
    8 oz. oatmeal
    0.6 1 skim milk, 0.3% fat
    0.2 1 orange juice
    3 oz. grapes
    Cal 1270

    Second meal, 10.30 am:
    10 oz, whole wheat bread
    4 oz. cheese, 12% fat
    0.51 kefir milk
    1 banana
    Cal 1150

    Third meal, 2.00 pm:
    8 oz. brown rice
    10 oz. turkey
    5 oz. vegetables
    Cal 1180

    Fourth meal, 5.30 pm
    5 whole eggs
    16 Oz. baked potatoes
    Mixed salad
    Cal 880

    Fifth meal, 9,00 pm:
    7 oz. cottage cheese
    7 Oz. whole wheat bread
    1 oz. peanut buffer
    1 apple, approx. 4 oz.
    0.2 1 orange juice
    Cal 860

    Total: Cal 5340

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    you should eat like that everyday bro. if you train hard

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    Well.... if you're bulking, you'll gain fat. I also don't see a post workout shake with dextrose which I think is absolutely needed, other than that.... you're gettin' in your cals.

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