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    Okay, dumb question on Fina...

    I never used it before. I was gonna buy QV Tren for my next cycle. It's $190 bottle a bottle. I'll need 5 for 8 weeks.
    How much cheaper is it to buy the the pellets and the conversion kit
    Where do I purchase pellets?


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    Well a 4 g kit would yield almost 50 cc's at 75 mg / mL. So I dunno if you're gonna need an 8 g kit - that's almost 100 (cc) days, 14 weeks worth (do the math 100 cc / 7 days week). That's all considering you're going to be taking 75 mg ED.

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    yeah, 4g kit. Dont be thrown off if you believe it will be difficult to produce. It is rather easy and so much cheaper. Also, you can sidestep the source and all the associated bullshit.

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