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    Exclamation flying and need my juice???

    fast help PLEASE!!!...
    ok i'm taking test prop ed and eq ed. I"m flying to south america tonight... what do i do?!?!?!... Eq i can buy in south america real quick as well as syringes... but what do i do about my test prop? how can i take it? please help... i will only be there for 3 full days and comming back on the 4th so i will only miss 3 days... what can i do? i took my shot for today. Eq i can buy over there and take my shot there for those 3 days... but test prop was hard for me to find there so i want to take my test there... can i? and how?... if you can respond here please PM me quick because i leave in about 5 hours... thank you

    or should i take 200mg tonight? 2cc's?

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    personally i would either:

    a) not take it with me, but shoot before i leave and immediately when i come home
    b) pre-load a syringe and pack it well inside your suitcase, preferably inside something hard or metal.

    good luck

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    If you'll only be gone 3 days... don't risk it. Shoot before you leave and right when you come back.

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    Ya, EQ doesn't need to be shot ED anyways. I wouldn't chance it. Three days off the prop won't hurt you.


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    i do not know the laws in your state but in some states they sell diabetic insulin carrying kits usually by the pharmacy window in drug stores. you could preload some and store it in that and place it in your suitcase with items that or a some pamphelet that talks about insulin and diabetes then they will think that it is for a person who is diabetic....if questioned state that you are and that it is in case you go into insulin shock if someone asks why the needles and syringe are bigger than a normal insulin syringe....if they ask you why you do not have testing strips ( some kits come with them and some do not) then state you were going to by some more when you reach your destination....just be confident and relax....what are they going to do send the itmes out for testing right there on the spot and make you wait there days before they come back....

    I do not know what the odds are making it through but i am willing to bet if you place the carrying case into checked baggage then you probably have a higher chance of making it through

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    Don't chance it...wait until you get back. There's no telling what airport security will see this as when they find it (threatening...).

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    Do NOT chance it, especially if your going to South America. They can search your luggage without you knowing. Just wait till you get back.

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    dont risk it..shoot the test prop before u leave and soon as u get home...

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    yeah i agree with members on this one 3 days is not the end of the world either find in in south america or don't even waste your time

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    yeah.. the thing is, they won't let you have a syringe. It'd have to go into checked bags. I dont think you'd have a problem though, just buy some slin, and transfer your test into the insulin bottle. Voila.

    edit. empty the slin bottle first.

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