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    Any Suggestions on this Cycle

    Hello, i currently purchased 75 50mg european anadrols along with 10 cc's of deca 200 made by qv. I already started my a-bombs 2 weeks ago, started off at 1 a day and now at 2 a day. I dont plan on taking more then 2 a day. I figure if i start my deca next week at 300mg a week i will finish both around the same time. I already feel a difference in my strength and during workouts and i cant wait to get on the deca. Right now im about 6 foot 190. Hopefully i can pick up a good 25 lbs off this cycle. If anybody sees anything that im doing wrong or has any suggestions, please let me know. This is not my first cycle, i have taken 20 cc's of 250 enanthat by qv. However this is my first time taking anadrol and deca.


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    From my experiance I dont think you have enough Deca to do you any good. Everyone responds to the gear differently but for me it has to be 400mg/week for at least 10-12 weeks and I always run test with the Deca. I am sure you have read about Deca "dick". Without running Test with the Deca this could happen "Deca shuts you down pretty hard". You will probably not have to worry about it at 300mg/week for the six or so weeks you will be using it though. Next time you might want to try running some Test Enant at 500-600mg/week and the Deca at 400mg/week for at least 10-12 weeks. Dont forget to take some Milk Thisle for the liver since you are taking the anadrols. Good luck!

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    Bro you don't mean finish the deca at the same time as a-bombs, do you? If you do, you need to rethink that. I would go passed 6 week and that's pushing it.


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