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    Add Suspension to my Deca/Sust cycle ?

    Im in the third week of my 400mg deca / 500mg sust cycle, i only bought enough for 5 weeks however i have 1500mg of suspension handy. I was thinking of throwing it in here but was wondering how to run it. I was thinking of starting one week before my sust and deca are done at 500mg/week so it runs out 2 weeks after my last sust and deca shot. Pls let me know what u think, and what u recommend in the way of clomid. Thank u

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    for clomid Id say just go with the classic 300/100/50 stack.

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    why would you even do a 5 week cycle of sust and deca , neither really kicks in till near the 6th wk.

    ID just stop now and start the clomid and then wait till you can do it all right.

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