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    Is anybody Bipolar?

    What are the symptoms of bipolar mood disorder? I know people shift from stages of mania to depression, but how does that affect your daily life exactly? I think I might have a mood disorder....

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    I know there are at least a few bros here that are bi-polar. I think to some extent that I am too, but have never been to see anyone about it. I'm sure if you try a search you'll find some info. I do beleive I've seen some threads about this in the past.


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    The general manager at my office is bi-polar. I don't know if he has been officially diagnosed, but he acts like an ass all the time. One minute he will be laughing and carrying on... then he snaps and starts yelling at people. 5 min later he is back to normal and acts like nothing happened. I guess he lives a normal life. Well, he make 500K/year. That's not "normal". No one ever gives him bad news, so sometimes business decisions suffer b/c of it.

    Check out the "similar threads" at the bottom of the page.


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    Your girlfriend knows
    Man... My wife is bi-polar and it is crazy. I have been through it all. Like 100571 said , one minute its laughing and the next all hell has broken loose. She moved out about two years ago and things are still just as bad. It even got to the point where my 4 year old who lives with me said that when they were together she would beat her several times a day. When I found this out I stopped letting my child go there at all. And the thing is , my wife thinks she has done nothing wrong. Its a bad thing for the person with it and even worse for the ones around you if you don't get help.

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