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    Question Help, End of Cycle, Keep Gains

    Sup bros,
    im worried about losing gains like everyone else. Heres what i dont get. I have some fat i wana get rid of, about 15-20 lbs. I put on 30 pounds of muscle this cycle which im really happy with, incredible for me. Im hatin this fat, been bulking for over a year now, cycle has only been 3 months but i didnt take fat off before cycle. So my question is this. When is it safe for me to begin to really take off fat. I wana go hardcore everyday cardio before eating and again at night. When is catabolic stage over. when is my natural self back. It cant just be after clomid, lets say im keeping 20 pounds of the 30 lbs muscle I added, no way I know that at 21st day, right? Im confused. Anway here was my cycle if it helps.

    weeks 1-5 Abomb 150ed
    1-12 t400 800 week
    1-12 eq 600 week

    did a shot of hcg after abomb

    have ton of clomid, another question, i have more than 2 months worth of clomid, is it a bonus to stay on longer than 21days, when is it no longer helping to be on clomid or if it dosent hurt, when am i getting dimishing returns and it really is a waste of time for me

    i have enough for 4 weeks of clen , probably more, dont know yet how many a day for me, will use at end as well, 2 weeks on, off- with eca
    also gonna run 1 nolv a day when i start clomid have around 30

    so again if i bored you heh
    when is it safe to get this fat off?, im sick with it big time
    and how long on with ton of extra clomid?
    when am i ok, to go on a normal diet and hard training and only worry about natural over training and not after cycle worries?

    ran the searches, only saw the normal after cycle recommendations, i realize i f'ed big by not losing the fat first, was on a good roll though, puttin on

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    I would wait to cut for about 10-12wks(roughly the same amount of time you were on) The body is just to susceptable to catabolism right after a cycle.
    It would actually be best to get blood work done and find out when your natural test levels have stabilized.

    I usually run clomid 4wks instead of the normal 3.

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    great thanks, long time to wait, makes good sense though, i defintley shoulda cut before cycle, thanks

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