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    Conversion Help??

    GUYS, need some help on the conversion process. Does anyone know of any posts or have knowledge on this. So I have this vial and its 10ml and all the cycle dosages are in milligrams(mg). So how many mg's in 1ml? Any help would be beneficial to the learning process! Thanks

    And one other thing, anyone heard or have any experience with testosterona 100, strait out of Mexico, whats the half life on it and is it good gear or not?

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    Ok this has been discussed before:
    this is an example, check your dose first!
    test 100= 100mg/ml, so if your running say 500 mg test week, you would need 5ml of test or 5cc (1ml=1cc).

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    What brand is the test? Tornell, Brovel, etc.? It should say what testosterone ester it is on the bottle. "Ester, what's that?," you ask? Read on, my friend!


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    It says on the side in spanish "propionato de testosterona," lets hope its Test propinate. The brand is brovel. This means Im gonna have to do everyday injections or every other day. Thats gonna suck. Heres what I was thinking for a first cycle.
    1-4 Dbol 35mg ED
    1-10 Deca 400mg EW
    1-13 Test Prop. 75mg ED
    I want use a small amount of test to see how my body reacts to it for the first time. If anyone has any suggestions or comments on this I would appreciate them.

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