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    Have you used QV's STAN 50 (winny)?

    I've only used Denkall or Anabolic ST winny... I need some feed back about QV's winny... no first timers I need comparative feed back. QV is just so much cheaper its scary.... for me it's 180 for Denkall .....105 for QV winny....

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    I ran the QV 100 last cycle, for the last 6 weeks, 50 mg/ED. THe pain was brutal, especially for a chest shot. Seemed the vial was also underfilled, ran out about 1 week early. Noticed good vascularity, and great pumps. Got a nice hardening look around front delts and upper chest. The only other winny i've tried was ** winny, ** was not as painful, but results were similiar. Hopefully the 50 won't hurt as bad. That's a good price, I paid 200 for the QV 100.

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    I used both the 50mg and 100mg QV Winny and the 100mg hurt bad and I would say the 50mg wasnt too far behind it. But I will say I got very good vascularity and muscle hardness from it.

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