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    EQ/WINNY CYCLE question

    I'm 21, 6'3, 200, 14%bf, college athlete.

    My next cycle is planned to be as follows:

    wk 1-10 EQ 400mg/wk
    wk 8-13 Winny 50mg/ed
    wk 11-13 Anavar 25mg/ed
    clomid 2 days after last winny
    300mg 1st day
    100mg days 2-10
    50mg days 11-20

    I'm looking to gain strength, cut a little bit, and add about 10-15 lbs of solid mass.

    With this cycle, are these objectives realistic given proper training and eating?

    I know a lot of you will suggest I add some test, which I would like to, but since I'm still a novice, I kind of wanted to avoid it because I am not fully matured yet and still think that my growth plates are open and that I am still going to mature. On the AR profile for test, it recommends that novices avoid test, and warns that, amongst the many potential side effects, it can prematurely end natural maturation.

    If I were to add test, I would prob. run test-e, 400-500mg/wk, wks 1-11. My other question is, would I have to run nolva throughout the cycle, or would the clomid at the end be sufficient?

    My real question is: is the cycle I had planned a good one for the types of gains I am looking for? or do i HAVE to add test?

    - JK

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    EQ aromatizes.

    When you come back from PCT, there will be a period of higher estrogen. You plates will close pretty much reguardless, if they havent already.

    Use test alone.

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