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Thread: Big Swoll

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    Big Swoll

    Big again.

    I've narrowed my choices to Test P, Winny, Anavar , Primo, and Clenbuterol . Either 2 of them or more, or all of them in smaller doses. Test Prop and Winny are for sure, and I'm leaning towards Anavar over Primo, but I wont rule out both....well, my funds might though! Oh...and Clenbuterol is merely another option to throw in.

    Is Primo really worth the cash if I use these others??? Now...if I am running this for 4-6 weeks....would 3 weeks of Anavar/ 3 weeks of Primo be a waste of money?? Also....i am a little freaked out by Primo Depot....i read somewhere were it can be in your system for up to 5 months. Would Anavar, Test P, and Winny do the trick?? Or is Primo a necessity for a baseballer?

    I am also curious about is a cycle idea. How much of each do you think I'll need....and should I really drink the Winny??? I read about a 50 mg Winny EOD, 50 mg Test Prop EOD, and 25mg Anavar ED cycle.....can i still get the gains I'm looking for if I use that as a guide? (Maybe less Anavar, cash reasons)

    Oh...and if you have any ideas at getting past drug tests...let me know. Rumor has it that Hydrogen Peroxide does the trick.

    Last thing. I'm waiting on a response to put in an order. I found 300 mg of Anavar for I wasting my cash if I stretch the 300 over 3 weeks. Also, would I cost myself some strength if I only used 10 amps of 1ml winny, instead of 15-20?? What if I ran the test prop and winny for 5-6 weeks, and had 3 weeks of low dosage Anavar in there? Waste...or what it make some difference....even minimal?

    Sorry...I know its a bunch of questions.....I think I'm real close , though!
    Thanks for the help

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    I would PM him next time if you're directing a question to him.

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    ditto on the pm

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