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    Going with this but am i carry to much weight

    Hi gys have fianlly decided to go with this but i think i may be carring to much fat yet.
    wks 1-8 100mg/amp Testovis EOD
    wks 2-8 50mgs tabs per day winny
    T-3 Wronguns famous T-3 cycle
    2 wks on ECA then switch to 2 wks on clen and so on for 8 wks
    will be on a keto diet for 5 days then on Saturday will go with MED carbs and on Sunday i will be on HIGH carbs and kepp going like this till things slow down,will be taking ALA,vit-C and drinking 4-6 litres of water a day,running 2 days at 4 miles at a steady pace and 2 days at 2 1/2 miles at a fast pace,im in the gym 5 days a wk and will be lifting as heavy as possible with the low carbs im on,if any of the guys in the know would coment on the above it would help me out a lot,will thank all in advance for their help.

    body weight 210lbs
    B/F 17%

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    i would wait tell your around 10% otherwise youll just look like a bigger fatterguy.

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    a state of denial
    I get the idea that your goal is to lean up, while maintaining or building muscle. I don't know about the cyclic ketogenic diet, I think as long as your carbs are low and you keep your calories at baseline, you'll be ok. The cardio looks good. I think you can lose a lot of fat like that AS or no. As far as the cycle goes I'm no authority on cutting cycles, it's never really been my goal, but it looks good to me.

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    I agree w/ someday wait until you get around 10% BF before starting, thats what I would do.

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    use the t-3 clen and eca and lose weight before starting the winny.u may have to run test because of the t3

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